Casement Windows

You probably see these types of windows everywhere seeing that they are the most common architectural components of any living room. Hinged on one side and crank opened outwardly to either the left or right, these windows allow a full top to bottom ventilation. Nothing matches the quality, style and efficiency of Casement windows when it comes to vinyl windows and which is precisely why you need to get these for areas such as bedrooms, kitchens, living rooms and all other rooms where you wish to experience an expansive view. Another quality of the casement window is that it opens up to 90 degrees and thus allows you to clean both its sides in an easy and effective way. At Hometech Windows and Doors, we endeavour to give you only the best and that is why we pride ourselves for launching the first casement window into the market offering the revolutionary Flex Screen®.

Our casement window leads in the industry because it has that little bit of extra touch that lacks in the rest, and that is its slick contemporary design. The window is designed to host an unseen efficiency of energy, have operational, hardware and security features that confirm it as perfect and practical for any premise. And did we mention that the USDA organic polyurethane foam is injected into the casement window frames to increase its energy rating! Well, if you are looking to get a casement window, look no further because Hometech Windows and Doors gives you the best in quality, efficiency, style and simply the fit for your needs at home or any other place.



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