Awning Windows

Similar to casement windows, Awning windows are common and hinged on one end. However, these types of windows are hinged on the top and open outwardly from the bottom thus allowing for proper ventilation and protection against rain. They are usually positioned high up on walls to allow for privacy and sometimes a better view depending on how they are combined with the large stationary windows. Hometech Windows and Doors offers these awning windows in stacked, single and slide-by-slide styles. What makes our awning windows stand out is the incorporation of a unique design and vital engineering features that keep the windows functioning without any flaw. Our in-built features ensure you have a beautiful view, secure window and free air circulation at your place of stay.


7/8″ Dual or 1 3/8″ Triple pane glass with warm edge spacer technology
Foam-injected frame and sash option
Canadian made premium UPVC vinyl
3 1/4″ frame
Standard Push-down screen
Scissor arm operator;
Triple weather seals
Dual Multi-Point lock
Premium Hardware with elegant folding handle
Precision mitred, fusion welded corners
Hidden drainage
A wide variety of standard and custom colours



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