Renovations might just be the most stressful, yet fulfilling projects to take on for a house or a flat. While it is sometimes a difficult decision to make, in the long run it can offer many benefits. It doesn’t always have to be something major to begin with like a complete kitchen remodel, and starting step by step seems more appealing for many. By replacing the windows for example, a household can begin to see the benefits of home improvements.

In Canada where the weather can be so tricky and at the same time extreme, windows are a functional part of every home. They shield from harsh temperatures and play a key role in energy efficiency and savings. They also add value to the property with an estimate 85% return on investment.

The latest annual CIBC Home Renovations Poll finds that nearly half of Canadians (45%) plan to improve their homes in 2018. It might just be because 85% consider any renovation can boost the value of their home or that 71% Canadian homeowners aged over 55 years old prefer to improve their current home than move somewhere else. Whatever their reasons are, findings highlight the increased awareness of home improvement projects. In top 5 home renovations Canadians are planning for 2018 sits replacing windows with 29%, surpassing kitchen renovations (28%) by a little. The number has also seen an increase since 2016 and 2017 when only 26% have included windows replacement on their list. Nevertheless, this upgrade has been steady in the top for years.

In every home, about half of the energy is lost through entrances which makes windows even more important in controlling lighting, as well as temperature, not to mention noise reduction. They have the potential to reduce energy used for both heating and cooling by as much as 20%, depending on the system, glazing and surrounding construction. Choosing the right replacement windows can offer all of these without having to go through the hassle of getting entirely new windows and having to interfere with the current structure of houses.

It is said that windows are the eyes to the house, so naturally everyone would like them to reflect its character. Replacing old windows can give a property a great makeover. There is a wide range of styles and designs available nowadays that can surely meet anyone’s needs. If the house has a heritage that owners would like to preserve, there’s certainly an option for that, at the same time many people lean more towards the idea of a modern look which is not impossible.

Window replacements might just be the first renovation project to keep people motivated about improving their homes. There are a great deal of advantages associated with a considerable minor home improvement project, regardless if a person is looking to feel more comfortable and save on bills, or working to bring up their property’s market value.