There are many aspects of the window installation business that must be taken into consideration in order to strain the multitude of companies offering the services into a handful that are easy to recommend as best in Edmonton. We’ve taken the time to seave those already with a good reputation through a checklist of qualities to make it easier for you when looking for quotations. 

The following headings are the various criteria we used to filter through more than 20 capable window installation contractors.

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Customer Reviews

Most important of all factors is what others that have paid for services with a contractor think about the overall experience. Companies can go all out publishing only the best words and shining the brightest lights on their profiles, however, their true character(s) shows up when an honest review is posted from a previous client. We read into these reviews and chose only those that are sure not to disappoint you.

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Range Of Services Offered

There are many types of windows and window-related problems for which a company should be able to solve. If a company claims to be a window expert, its range of services should not leave much wanted after a job. You also don’t want to ask a window installations services company about a problem only to learn that they pulled a trial and error on your project.


Availability When Contacted

Things like their turn around time for requested quotations, how many times you have to call before someone comes to check out the broken window. Problems with windows often mean an opening exists that poses a security threat. As such a company should make haste and provide you with a solution option within the day of the first contact to show that they are not only for the money but your safety and comfort as well.

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Cost Regime

There are companies known to be overly expensive. You will not find those here. Comprehending the industry to great depths ourselves, we have kept to a list that deals fairly with your pockets and not taking advantage of any imagined factors when you contact them for a quotation. High-quality products deserve to cost more than cheap knockoffs. You also won’t find second-grade products being peddled by the lot on our list. 


How Their Past Work Looks (workmanship)

It is often a requirement that the assigned technician takes several pictures to show everyone on their team how well the job was done. This gives us valuable insight into how well each company performs their jobs. With social media platforms filled to the brim with pictures of window jobs performed in a rush, it takes just one bad image to disqualify a company from our list.

  1. Hometech Windows and Doors Inc.
  2. Canadian Choice Windows & Doors
  3. Sunview Windows and Doors
  4. Alartco Windows & Doors in Edmonton
  5. GreenFox Windows & Doors

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What Next?

These companies are not arranged in any order. This list should simply make it easy for you to compile quotations and compare promises before settling for one window installation company. Making that first call after running the hecks suggested above should give you some quotations with the cost and time budgets for the window installation job at hand.