Insecurity is a vulnerable feeling and can often induce quite some anxiety about your safety and the safety of your loved ones and belongings. If your home has ever been broken into, you’ll know the feeling well. 

Similarly, any kind of damage to the front or garage doors in your home can leave you reeling with insecurity. 


Door Issues that can be Fixed

Jammed locks, rotting door frames and faulty seals, hinges and handles can all be red rags to the bulls that are home invaders. Reparation of your doors is integral in reinstating a feeling of security and safety, so when your door is showing signs of wear it is time to have it replaced.

When it comes to securing the refuge of your home, you want to know you are in good hands and have the best possible contractor for the job. That’s why we have put forward some of the best door repairs companies in Edmonton, Canada. They shall be listed in no particular order, all in all, this research should help you acquire more quotations before choosing who to work with.

  1. Sunview Windows & Doors
  2. Garage Door Repair Edmonton
  3. Creative Door Edmonton
  4. Overhead Door Edmonton
  5. C&W Canada Garage Doors

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Door Repairs Companies On Yelp

Relying on Yelp for a review based listing of door installation and installation services providers, while a lot of people do it, is not as reliable as would looking up a restaurant. This stems from the fact that door companies get way fewer reviews in comparison to most business types. The top ten on Yelp will have 3 reviews at best, making the system biased towards new companies, the guys you want will have mixed reviews, and a few search results pages down.


What To Do Next?

Now that you have a sample lot of companies capable and reputable when it comes to fixing doors in Edmonton, the very next part is doing some research around their work. As mentioned before, Yelp will have a mixed bag of reviews, some rating all-star, while others will say the worst about services received. It is near impossible for a company to have a hundred all satisfied customer reviews online. So don’t let a few disgruntled customer reviews scare you from approaching a contractor. On the other hand, an all bad rating should be a clear sign for you to steer away.

You can rely on other platforms, again listings, such as Yellow Pages and even social media to get a clearer picture of a company’s workmanship before they come to your house. Skill is hard to discern through the internet, and every other company will put up claims that they are the very best at fixing door related issues, but they cannot help but put up whatever review comes from customers after a job is done. Focus on these.

Customers reviews let you know how satisfied you’re likely to be when you hire one company instead of the rest. Unless suspiciously posted on the same date and by people that know each other (paid reviews), you can trust them as raw marketing material.

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Making The First Contact

Often the first people you talk to when you call such companies have more sales knowledge than door repairs expertise, don’t let a quotation come your way before a more knowledgeable technician comes to look at the problem at hand. This way, you get charged for the exact work that leaves your door problem solved, not an estimate based on some problem template.

When the job is done, make sure to leave an honest review on the platforms that the company’s profile is available and in everyone’s view. More people looking for their services, just like you, will benefit from the experience knowledge shared. Think of this as your research into the best possible contractor possible.

Rest assured that with your choice of any of these businesses for your door repairs, you are in good hands. They all rely on years of experience and have thoroughly established brands in the Edmonton area as shown by their glowing testimonials. 

Think of this as your research into the best possible contractor possible – complete. 

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