Architectural Series

Architectural Series Windows

Architectural Series WindowsSophisticated curves, arches, circles and other geometric shapes, plus a willingness to accommodate the creative demands of the most demanding home designers, keep architects coming back consistently to Hometech for windows that are more than mere windows. Many of Edmonton’s distinctive homes feature windows fashioned by us. Yes, we have standard shapes, but we are highly regarded for our ability to create customized shapes and window configurations. The added advantage of our unlimited grille options can turn any window architectural concept into reality. Our Architectural Series windows can be used in new construction or as replacement windows. Despite the attention to design, our Architectural Series windows do not neglect the durability and energy efficiency features built into all Window City windows.

Features and Benefits

  • Fusion-welded frame and sash corners add strength, security and prevent cold air infiltration.
  • Multi-chambered design adds strength, improves insulation, provides better drainage and prevents condensation.
  • Interior glazing system with co-extruded flexible seal on sash and frame eliminates water leakage into the home.
  • Drainage channel in front of exterior sash is hidden from interior view.
  • 3/4” insulated double-strength glass with ultra dual warm edge seal for optimum energy efficiency.
  • Available in 3-1/4” and 4-1/2” frames. 4-1/2” frame windows have brick mold built into the extruded vinyl for superior strength.
  • Unlimited range of architectural shapes and curves opens up a range of innovative design possibilities.

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