Fiberglass Doors

fiberglass doorWhen it comes to Fiberglass doors, these are several panels that can be used when adding glass inserts to the door.

Standard Paint Options

fiberglass door options

Standard Stain Options

fiberglass stain options

door handles

multipoint doorHardware Multipoint Lock System

Every door we make has been engineered to incorporate our European locking system. Even the highest quality door is only as good as its locking mechanism, one that will provide the highest security and the best protection against air and water infiltration. The hardware can be chosen in different styles and colours.

What is the Multipoint Lock System?

All internal and exposed components are manufactured using stainless steel and other non-ferrous components for maximum corrosion resistance to ensure durability and function. The tapered hook latch design is unique to our Multi-Point locking system; the compression lock system engages the hook behind the strike plate for a positive, secure seal. The adjustable system accommodates a deadbolt plus at least two more hook latches (additional latches will be added for taller doors). When opened, the doors reveal a clean, heavy duty face plate which neatly conceals the mortise lock mechanism. By using this system you ensure both a secure lock that eliminates a potential warping problem with your door plus adds an energy efficient seal.

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