There are many reasons why you might need the services of a window repair company in Edmonton, and with so many (hundreds of them all claiming to be the best) you need to be very careful who you award the project to. If all of them were really honest, your job would be turned down because only the intern is available and they cannot send him alone. Only a few have the stomachs to come clean and go beyond taking your money whenever you make an enquiry. We’re going to crack open a few cans filled with worms and show you why hiring a window repair company is itself a project you need to set some time aside for.

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Do Some Background Checks

Considering how important a window is to a house it is worth ticking all the checkboxes before you embark on any work with a contractor. Do your due diligence. As much as you can conduct online with the busy schedule you have to continue leading at least – it should be enough, given how much real information lies around. If only you can find it. We’ll show you how.

Read Some Reviews

Industry citation websites have already done a lot to give you a head start. On platforms such as Yelp and HomeStars, you can find out how good a company is at fixing window related problems from the people they have served. A company with a thousand good reviews and a few off the mark (they have to be human) is what you’re looking for. 

Even with flying colours as feedback, scoring a perfect review score and no spelling errors in all reviews should tell you how far they’re willing to go to fake their work. Some companies have taken the habit of outsourcing their reviews from freelancers who have had no contact with them except for when the company sent a PayPal payment for some good words. This means you have to go a little further than believing everything you see on Yelp. You’ll be thankful once you come across a review by someone with real (unpaid) feedback saves you from a nightmare of disappointing work and a headache following up for fixes and refunds.

Confirm with Social Media

It is harder for companies to control what their customers say about their services’ quality on social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook, take this stubbornness to your advantage and uncover the bad side, if any, of their service delivery. The devil you know and allow is definitely way better than one you believe is a saint until their true colours show (often after you have already paid). 

Where they claim to be responsive with quick and free quotations, sending a problem scenario through their social media presence profiles should prove them right. If not, and it takes over a day to get a response, then their sales team is probably too busy with walk-ins. What’s the chance they will prioritize your problem the second time around?

Ask a few reviewers on Facebook to share with you their personal experience (s) working with the contractor they reviewed for clues as to whether or not they were compensated for a good word. One confirmation should be enough for you to move on to other contractors.

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The Lies That Window Companies Tell

Apart from what they say on their websites, which every single company sings like a song, there have to be some lies you can de-code with little to no effort. As part of your check, which should not take you more than an hour (worth it) to do, look into the following things;

We are certified 

Confirm with the certifying bodies through a simple phone call whether or not a contractor is affiliated with them. Seeing is not always believing. While a lot of badges will convince someone who doesn’t follow up on contractors’ claims, holding them to their claims will be to your advantage when only certified products and best practice methods are used for your project.

Our Team is Experienced

A team of young lads walk out of the van to service your window problem and they say they have four decades of work experience. It does hold true that someone that’s been installing windows for the past 25 years will do a better job than a recent graduate. Unless accompanied by a journeyman, apprenticeship candidates should not be assigned to your location, and it is your duty to stay on the lookout for such cases.

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Lastly, Before You Hire A Window Repair Company

Call them directly and use your own judgement from how the sales team coordinates the entire process; from taking down your problem details, to schedule a team for a hands-on assessment. Once the team comes around for the assessment, their friendliness and knowledgeability should be clues to how satisfied you will be with the end results. 


Remember, there is nothing wrong (no shame) with getting a few more quotations than what would be considered a norm to protect your self from scammers.

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