There are many potential times in your life when you may need to repair a door of some kind, and luckily for you, the process is made easy by professionals that specialize in keeping your home safe. Keys locked inside the house in a rush to beat the traffic, left on the counter, in the lock and yes, even the fridge. This, along with unforeseen scenarios of vandalism, break-ins, jams and even old age taking its toll can all be reasons for you to contact a door repairs company

Here’s the low down on how to hire the right contractor for the job to help you to sleep well at night knowing you’ve got every possible situation covered.

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Choosing the Right Contractor

Like a kid in the candy section, sometimes having too many options can be overwhelming in a decision making process. However, there are a few key things to look for in your search when hiring a door repairs company. 

Steer away from commercial

Most companies offer both residential and commercial repairs, so finding a professional that exclusively practices home repairs is sometimes a good indicator that they are a specialist in their field. 

Figure out what needs to be done

Is it a lock that needs replacing or a door jam that needs fixing? Could it be your front door or your garage door? Using this information will narrow down your search and help you find a company that can execute the work quickly and efficiently. 

Look for the guarantee

Many door repairs company in Edmonton boast their, “satisfaction guarantee” and taking full advantage of this is definitely in your best interest. After refining your search and finding a specialist, insurance from the contractor that their work will be up to your standard is the next best way to protect your home. 

Shop around

Don’t just settle for the first company you find and don’t be afraid to let your shortlist know that you are looking for competitive pricing for the best possible service. 

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Now you’ve created your waitlist of potential candidates, it is important for you to know what is a reasonable price for the job in question. Speaking to contractors about competitive pricing is the best way to ascertain that you aren’t being taken advantage of.

Hidden fees are also a reality in all contracted jobs so armouring yourself for them and asking which of the following fees apply will help you avoid a blindside. 

Given the nature of the job, some door repairs will include a travel fee for the mobility of your contractor. Be prepared for this fee, and expect it to be around $15-$20CAD. Where the fee is not mentioned, assuming that it is included as a package is a mistake. Ask and be in the know.

In the case of an emergency, there are companies that provide 24/7 access to their services. This is extremely convenient in the cases of break-ins, jammed locks and garage doors that won’t close overnight since you can protect your belongings by ringing their 24-hour hotlines. However, be prepared for a dramatic price difference. As with any company providing the convenience of an all-day, all-night service, the price increase comes from the on-call professional dragged from their warm beds at night. 

If you are watching your pocket, try to avoid costly callouts, however, sticky situations are normally unexpected and unavoidable. The best option then is to take the safest choice – if your home is likely to be broken into, for example, you will save more money by paying the extra cash upfront to have the door repaired. 

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The Take-Away 

There is no shortage of quality door repairs companies in Edmonton which can sometimes be more of a hindrance than a convenience. Thoroughly learning (in that short period of time available) to play the market properly and refine your search are the best ways to stay in control of your money. As with any monetary decision, thorough investigation and research into a range of potential candidates is the best way forward. Not only will it enable you to find the best professional for the job, but it can also save you time and money, as well as a lot of stress.

Being specific in your approach to what you are after and shopping around the available market can see the job completed to your satisfaction and for the best possible price. Once you have chosen a company that fits all of these criteria, they are but a phone call away. The next step from this point is to enjoy your good night’s sleep knowing that you were prepared for the sometimes tiring experience and that your home is once again protected. 

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