Scouring the market for the best deal on a door replacement can be time-consuming, stressful and more often than not – a hassle. However, if you choose not to compare quotes, contractors are likely to take you and your wallet for a ride.

While having a variety of companies at your disposal can seem overwhelming at first, choosing to take advantage of this will see you save your cash in the long run. 

So, living and looking to buy one in Edmonton, how much should a new door installation cost? While prices will vary depending on the finer details of the job, most companies are both competitive and strategic in their pricing, giving you room to negotiate their offers. Let’s go through the minefield, we’ll show you where to put your flags and what not to touch. 

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The Price For House Doors

On average in Edmonton, interior and front door installation will cost homeowners anywhere between $473 and $1,424. Exterior doors will set you back even more than this and costing can sit anywhere between $1,200 and $2,200. The dramatic increase in price compensates the required work for waterproofing and sealing, extra labour as well as a more durable and weather sustaining material. 

These figures will be further dictated by factors such as the size of the door needed for the opening, materials used and even the structural integrity of the surrounding walls. 


So, why does that sound so expensive?

The majority of door installation cost comes from the materials needed such as, well, the door itself. Labour is included and most likely a service fee averaging around $79CAD for callouts to your home. 

Other cost factors can include framing needs for your new door, location and the magnitude of the job. 

If you’re looking to minimize cost, one of your options is to ensure you are choosing a wallet-friendly material. Understandably, if the rest of your home is rocking metal doors, your first choice may not be to install a “feature door” made of wood. However, choosing a cheaper material can cut costs dramatically from the more expensive options of composite or metal. Repairs to an older door are also a much cheaper option, with repairs to exterior door frames averaging on $159 and installation of new door frames ranging between $247-$403. 

The main decision you will need to make in this circumstance is what your safest option is. 

If the damage to your door is beyond repair it’s time to take the proverbial monetary hit to secure your home and the safety of yourself and your possessions. If it looks salvageable, perhaps all it may need is a new frame, lock or a structural repair and you can cut the majority of the cost. If you’re unsure as to which option suits the damage to your door best, all contractors worth your time will make the trip to inspect the job and suggest your best option. The travel and service fee will more than likely incur here. 

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Garage Door Prices

As you might imagine, the type of door being installed may also have an impact on cost. Garage doors, for example, are quite a bit more expensive due to the extra and specialized function, materials, labour, and installation. 

For installation of a new roll-up garage door, you could pay anywhere between $500 to $1,500. For custom models, you could be looking at a further price increase of $1,500 to $3,000.

Once your new door has been fixed into place, you may find you’ll need a way to open it, and no, the opener (door handle) is not included in your installation cost. 

An average garage door opener will set you back around $150-$300. This cost is also determined by how sophisticated the handle is. Some doors will come stock fitted with an automatic opener that you could still opt for. Expect the price for those low-tech, and often low-security handles to come at a $50 ask. 

To surmise, the price of installing a door in your home will rely heavily on a few key details; type of door installed, the material of the chosen door and the integrity of the surrounding walls. Reparations to an existing door can heavily cut your costs, though the ones beyond repair are safest replaced. 

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Asking around for competitive pricing is the surest way to reduce your costing and establishing exactly the work you’re after will see the best job done. It is said that the best defence is a good offence, so actively briefing yourself on how much door installation should cost in Edmonton will help you to recognize unusually inflated prices and quotes. 

Don’t be afraid to let contractors know how much you’re expecting to pay for their work before they give you a quote, you may find it will call their bluff before they’ve had a chance to pitch it to you. 

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