Refining energy efficiency decreases greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions which add to weather change in Canada. By using energy efficiently and making wise customer choices, you can reduce your individual GHG emissions by about 20%. Like most Canadians, you perhaps already take steps to keep resources and save your environment. Windows are reflected as the eyes of your home, allowing you the opportunity to keep yourself safe from whatever is happening outside. But window functions don’t just end there. People rely on windows for natural lighting and airing, as emergency exits, and as an essential element of the architectural style of the home.


In current years, Canadians have spent much on renovations than on new construction, with windows signifying as one of the major single investments in a usual renovation. But when the time comes for major repairs around the home, an increasing number of Canadians are paying as much consideration to energy efficiency and economics as they are in style and aesthetics.


Replacing windows is such a tricky and confusing task and it might involve numerous people to complete this project such as contractors, installer designers and more. There are so many reasons why you should replace your window. You can increase the energy efficiency and also lower your overall billing cost every month. With climate conditions in Canada being extreme there are several issues to take into account while considering a window replacement.  For choosing to replace a window or Canada, aesthetic appeal is vital and for homeowners who are conscious about their budget getting out of hands, reliability, and energy efficient is also significant.


Windows account for almost 24% of the total house heat loss. If your windows are in bad conditions, they can add up to your home’s cooling and heating bills. By replacing your windows you can increase comfort within your home and can also save on energy bills. With winter approaching, most of the Canadian homeowners have made reservations about home renovation. With a holiday right in the middle of winters, most of the individuals would think about replacing a window. When considering for a window replacement, don’t forget to take into account these important points:


  • Type of Window: Might be fixed or operable
  • Type of Glazing: This will impact the energy efficiency and the amount of heat that will pass through your window
  • Frame Material: this will affect the value of insulation, maintenance requirements, strength, and window’s life.
  • Energy Performance (ER): A tradeoff between price and ER
  • Warranties: warranties are different so compare before buying


A lot of people in Canada are not sure whether to opt for a repair or replacement. It is true that most of the problems might get a temporary fix and extend their life. But if your windows are damaged due to water on or around the frame, and there are substantial drafts, or if the frame is falling apart, it is probably best to start thinking about a replacement. Whether you own an old home that was built years ago, or you plan on constructing a new one to suit your requirements and taste, installing the best energy efficient windows is vital. Energy efficient windows will also help reduce heating and cooling costs. According to Natural Resources Canada, installing energy efficient windows can help you save about 7-12% on your energy costs.


Most of the windows today are labelled with info that adheres to the international Energy Star standards rating. In Canada, you can get Energy Star Rating windows for different climate zones in the region. Based on these zones you can choose windows for replacement based on your needs. The zones include:

Zone A: For mild climate mostly is the south part of British Columbia.

Zone B: This includes most of the parts of eastern Canada and south Ontario

Zone C: In this zone, all the Prairie Provinces are included

Zone D: This if for the remaining areas with the extremely cold weather.


Keep all of the above points in mind during a window replacement process. Take on the One-Tonne challenge which is a national effort in Canada to take actions about changes in climate. Replace your windows and make them energy efficient so you can protect your environment and cut on the energy costs.