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Window City’s unique approach to customizing the comfort and performance in your home is evident with the extensive selection of glass options allowing you to satisfy every consideration. Our glazing options provide you with maximum energy efficiency in all 4 seasons. Regardless of the climate you live in or the style of window you choose our solar solutions glass options can be selected to customize each room and provide the safety, performance and security sound you require.

Glass Performance Windows

Full Metal Spacer: With conventional metal Spacers, you’ll see condensation on your window.

Less Metal Spacer: Mid-per formance spacer systems that still contain metal improve condensation resistance.

Super Spacer: All-foam dramatically reduces condensation, delivering the highest performance in Warm Edge Technology.

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We are serious about protecting the environment; our automated manufacturing facilities increase efficiency and minimize material waste. The Window City products superior thermal performance reduces your energy consumption helping to conserve valuable natural resources.

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