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Starting In January 2015 changes to the ENERGY STAR® qualified windows, doors and skylight program will be going into effect. The most important changes involve labeling of qualified products, new zone designations and more stringent performance ratings for all zones.

Even though windows, doors and skylights do not consume energy, they can be a significant source of heat loss in a home or building. ENERGY STAR qualified products will save money by reducing overall annual energy costs by up to 12 percent. They will also help keep the home or building more comfortable year-round, reduce outside noise and may have a lot less condensation in cold weather compared with a conventional product.

ENERGY STAR® Windows will make a difference in your home!

Purchasing windows and doors for your home presents several challenges. There are many factors to consider from architectural styles, interior options, exterior options and most important energy performance. The ENERGY STAR® certification allows you to make purchase decisions with confidence. Window City’s products meet or exceed the requirements in both Canada and the United States and will qualify for each countries government rebate programs.

Window City’s Solar Solutions glass options provide you with several choices to maximize your energy savings, whether you are concerned with heating or cooling costs we have you covered. Energy Star certified products help prevent green house gasses and assist in the conservation of our natural resources.

There are several determining factors when selecting a qualified product; you need to consider your geographic location in North America because the requirements can vary.

Please consult your Window City authorized dealer when selecting your windows and doors.

What’s New

January 2015

Energy Star Labeling of Qualified Products

New labeling requirements in Canada will include both a temporary and permanent label on all qualified window, door and skylight products installed. The labels will define the zone qualifications along with the performance ratings as well as the sealed unit certification through IGMA. Products that do not carry these labels will not be considered ENERGY STAR QUALIFIED and will not be included in any goverment rebate or tax incentive programs. Temporary Label


energystar Windows


1. The four climate zones were developed using heating degree-days, a measure of annual average temp
erature. The
efficiency levels measure how well a window, door or skylight insulates against the cold or how well it uses the sun’s heat to supplement the home’s or building’s heating system. Because the climate becomes progressively colder from Zone A to Zone

D, the levels are more stringent for each successive zone.Energy rating (ER/RE): For windows and doors only, this unitless number reflects the balance between heat transfer (U-factor) and solar gain. Higher numbers indicate a high solar heat gain, but in some cases will provide less resistance to heat loss.2. Window style glazing configuration and NFRC model designation.3. U-factor: Indicates the rate of heat transfer from warm to cold areas in watts per square metre Kelvin (W/m2•K). The lower the value, the slower the rate of heat transfer and better insulating properties.

4. Solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC): A ratio indicating the amount of the sun’s heat that can pass through the product (solar gain). The higher the number, the more the solar gain and UV penetration.

5. Visible transmittance (VT): A ratio that indicates the amount of visible light that can pass through the product. The higher the number, the more visible the light that can pass through.

The permanent label is required on all qualified products and will be found on the spacer bar in the sealed unit on all Window City ENERGY STAR windows. The label details the IGMA certification, manufacturer location, date of manufacturing, order number and NFRC window designation. Products that do not carry a form of this label will not be considered ENERGY STAR QUALIFIED and will not be included in any government rebate or tax incentive programs.

Energy Star®

Windows, doors and skylights are on the growing list of products that can qualify for the ENERGY STAR international symbol for energy efficiency. This makes the buying process simpler, because ENERGY STAR has determined for you what an energy-efficient product is. Buying an ENERGY STAR qualified window, door or skylight can be as easy as 1, 2, 3 :
Look for the ENERGY STAR symbol in the showroom or on promotional literature, or ask your salesperson, contractor or renovator about ENERGY STAR.
Using the climate map to find the zone where the product will be installed.
Make sure that the product model you are buying is qualified for that zone or for colder zones, to save even more energy.

Key features

An ENERGY STAR qualified window, door or skylight will have many of the following features:

double- or triple-glazing, with a sealed insulating glass unit
Low-E glass
inert gas, such as argon or krypton, in the sealed unit
low-conductivity or “warm edge” spacer bars
insulated frames, sashes and door cores

All ENERGY STAR qualified windows, doors and skylights have been certified by an independent accredited agency for their quality and energy performance. Because of this, manufacturers often offer longer warranties for these products.

Climate Zones

The four climate zones in Canada are based on an average annual temperature indicator called a heating degree-day (HDD). This temperature is then averaged over 30 years to provide a good indication of the average temperature in a certain location. The higher the average HDD value, the colder a location and the longer the heating season is, usually with very cold winter temperatures. Zone A is the warmest region in Canada, with the lowest HDDs, and Zone D is the coldest region, with the highest HDDs.

The following list indicates the range of HDDs by temperature zone.
Zone A: 3500 HDDs or less
Zone B: 3501 – 5500 HDDs
Zone C: 5501 – 8000 HDDs
Zone D: 8000 HDDs or more

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