Did you recently buy a new house in Edmonton and you can’t help but want some quick and easy upgrades to how it came? We gathered some ideas that will guide you on how you can upgrade your residence’s interior and exterior to make it not only look more than just another house on the market, but they should make you feel at home. Depending on your home improvement loan, you might want to take up all these ideas and give the home your signature look. Implementing just a few of the ideas will work just as well if done with the passion every new homeowner should have.

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Add Some Sitting Area(s) In Your Backyard

If you add a dining table and make a play area for your (or guest’s) kids it will show that you thought more than just sleeping and eating areas when you picked the house. Add some entertainment space and turn a boring house into a fun-filled home.


Clear or Repaint Your Roofing Tiles

Your house roofing tiles play a very important role in telling onlookers about the beauty of your home because whoever visits your home, first of all, they look at the front face. Clean and attractive tiles automatically insist that the inside is just as well taken care of.


Upgrade Some Fixtures

Door knobs, locks, and water faucets may be small things but they too play an important role in the final appearance of your home. 

Most of the time people don’t concentrate on these, but a little rust goes a long way corroding the confidence that your guests have in staying longer, let alone touching them.


Upgrade The Lighting System.

A warm lighting system is enough to make even an already good place look even more luxurious and very much relaxing. You should replace the old flip-switches with dimmers. Having different luminance in certain spots make your house sophisticated, yet it costs nothing more than your attention and a few sleeves of money to attain.


Frame Your Televisions

Framing televisions is perhaps the easiest way to turn entertainment areas into cinemas. The right frame, perhaps with some LED lights at the back that focus everyone’s attention when lights are dim set the mood for enjoyable movie nights with the family.


Add Some Fresh Flowers

From the entrance area, going inside, to the backyard, flowers are an easy distraction of beauty that you can place strategically to improve the house. Not only do they look good, but they can also mask that new paint smell and others you’d rather keep away from your family and guests.


Refresh Door Paint

A fresh coat of paint on the front door and even those inside is a sure way of ‘opening new doors’, so to say. If the door that leads into the house is not insulated, you can replace it with one that has better protection from weather elements. There are so many options you can go with, even a metal door will add layers of security and peace of mind for you and your family.

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While most of these changes will have been done to some degree by the selling party, having them relooked and investing in perfecting them will save you a lot of costs in the future. Everyone deserves to live in a pretty looking house, and it is your mandate to turn yours into the very best you’ve been dreaming of. Hire some help if you have decided to do these as weekend tasks while you rest from work. Some new homeowners go the distance by taking a few days to a week off while they actively take part in turning their new houses into comfortable homes. 

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