Doors are perhaps the first line of defence against burglars, and also save you a lot of embarrassment by closing you into your safe space. This is why every door in the house should be swinging on its hinges perfectly. Closing when you push and opening when you pull (or vice versa depending on your door design) You should make haste to fix any doors performing or looking anything other than perfect. We have listed five reliable local resources that can get the work done. 

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Companies worth getting quotations from, in no specific order.

Hometech Windows and Doors

An exclusive distributor of Window City products. Hometech Windows and Doors engineers continuously work countless hours to develop a wide range of energy-efficient and elegant windows and doors. You’re guaranteed to find more door styles and materials and friendly service when you ask for your free estimate. 

Gienow Renovations

They have more almost 80 years working to improve doors in Canada with multiple office locations with a focus on appearance as well as functionality. Their inventory offers a wide range of designs paired with a variety of materials. If you are not exactly sure of what the best choice would be, they can also provide an expert opinion to aid you in making the best decision.

Alartco Windows & Doors Manufacturing

This company is committed to delivering high-quality products, that combine beautiful style, security and endurance. They have a large catalogue and can even design custom-made doors as an option just for you. If what you need is a repair, they can also help you with that.

Reflect Window & Door

They offer a complete door repair solution, share your concern for energy waste due to a broken door and the security risks that can come with that situation. They are also a good choice if you’re having a problem with your windows.

Abe’s Door Services

The company’s strong point is its 24-Hour emergency door repair policy. Although they specialize in overhead commercial doors, they also cater to the residential market. Good service is their priority, they have a 2-hour response time and offer to fix any trouble you’re having with your door.

Millennium Windows

Don’t let the name make you leave them out from your list of quotations, they also do doors with a focus on safety and durability. The company promises to get only the best professionals to build and install your doors.

What else to consider

It takes more than just a phone call to get the best price and service level for a perfect door renovation job in Edmonton, which is why you’re best giving each company in the list a call and see which one understands your problem best. There are other considerations you should look into before settling for a contractor;

Their primary focus

if what you want is a door service, the contractor should have the best range such that your door opening’s width is nothing to fear when approaching a contractor. If they don’t, the ability to customize a solution for you should count in their favour.

Reviews from past customers

A company cannot be blamed for telling you that they are the very best in the industry. Make sure they measure up by confirming with honest reviews left by people they have already served in the past.

Quality of products

Would you rather buy a cheap front (or external) door that plays no part in keeping the cold out than one made with that quality as a trait? Be sure to ask all these things before the old door stock is dumped on you because you just need the feeling of security.

Customer service

Within the first minute on the phone relaying your door related problem to the sales team, you should already feel if or not they are worth the trouble calling over to your house. Friendly conduct makes the entire door service ordeal enjoyable.

Equipped with this knowledge, you’re now able to make wise decisions.

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